Business Coaching for Woo-Woos

Work & play with me to add business structure to your Woo

Business Coaching for individuals engaged in art,
spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine.


Not everyone has a "standard" career... some are so well defined. When you think of a doctor, auto mechanic, or elementary school teacher, you can easily picture what that means and the benefit you would gain by calling on one.




What if you're an Artist, Spiritual Advisor, Reiki practitioner, Life Coach, Tarot or Angel Card reader, or a Medium who can converse with Spirit on the other side? These careers can be a bit more ambiguous. Crystals and Moon Cycles and Manifestation, Oh My!


If you work in the Woo Realms and struggle with:

  • defining what you do and the benefit it brings your customers;

  • accepting money in exchange for the talents you have;

  • developing a mindset that allows for the fluidity of your craft and a structure for your business...


Well then, it's time for you to get to know me better...

I've been working and playing in the Woo Realms for years while at the same time established an extensive, traditional career supporting entrepreneurs. If you're interested in my work and play history, check out my LinkedIn page.


Sometimes "do what you love and the money will follow" is not enough. If you are a Woo-Woo who is ready to be true to your inner energy, step into your innate power, and combine ‘woo’ techniques with practical business-building tools to guide and grow your businesses, then I invite you to come work and play with me.


When you are ready to transform your Woo-Woo into a business that can sustain you, let's talk. We just may be the purrrfect match. Pick a date and time on my calendar and we'll get started with a no-cost, no-commitment chat.