Transformational Divorce Coaching

Life Coaching for when it's time to kick your partner to the curb...


What started out as a fairy tale relationship has turned into a horror story of pain, grief, and disbelief over the betrayal your partner has summoned.


That betrayal can come from their drug or alcohol abuse, an affair, financial irresponsibility, emotional and/or physical withdrawal from the relationship... all of the above or things I haven't even listed!


You may be completely baffled that your partner could so easily disrespect and discard your relationship that they previously were so committed to. It shakes a person's self-worth to the core.

Let me assure you, the despair can end. You can shift from where you are now to a better feeling place.

Would you like to live Happily Ever After?

Intrigued? Well then, it's time for you to get to know me better...

I've experienced my fair share of heartache and despair from my divorce and I want to assure you that happiness is inevitable... IF you are willing to leave regret behind and embrace a life of your design without that person.

Would you like to learn more? If you're committed to rewriting the end of your fairy take so it ends with you being the hero/heroine, then let's talk. We just may be the purrrfect match. Pick a date and time on my calendar and we'll get started with a no-cost, no-commitment chat.

Please note: If you are hoping for reconciliation with your partner, I am NOT the life coach for you... but I do wish you well on that journey.