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Rave Reviews

To the Dear, Beautiful Soul reading this ~

It fills my heart with joy knowing that I have assisted someone along the path of their life's journey. Read on below to learn what some of my former clients have to say about working & playing with me. It is a symbiotic relationship. We grow and evolve together.

I would be honored to be a part of your journey. If you're committed to experiencing a different day-to-day experience than what you currently are, then pick a date and time on my calendar and we'll chat. No cost. No obligation. I look forward to the possibility of our shared future.



"This is the hardest thing I've had to write in quite some time because there are no words to describe the influence in my life. When I met Tammy, I was in a dark and scary place in my life. I hated my job, I was in legal trouble, I was lonely and had yet dealt with my mother's recent suicide. I didn't have the slightest clue on how a life coach would affect my life, but all I knew is that I needed help. Boy, am I grateful I went with it anyway. Six months later I am standing firm in a place of peace and love. Quite frankly, it is a place I feared I couldn't get back to. With Tammy's coaching I was able to get clear on my hopes and dreams for my life while assisting me to take action on them, cope with my mother's death in a healthy and loving way, help me manifest a romantic relationship so full of sweetness you could vomit and so much more. What a blessing it is to have Tammy in my life. She truly is an angel on this planet."

                                                   ~ Megan Bilse

"Tammy has the innate sense of connectivity, she is able to help you get to a comfortable and peaceful place, very quickly into the session.  You will immediately feel that you can accomplish resetting your values, goals and beliefs, shifting the thoughts that are holding you back from your full potential. This shift is all about her being able to give you the process' that get you "unstuck" from the hamster wheel, of over-thinking your current situation and giving you the gift of freedom and a higher vibration."
                    ~ Machell Embry Oviedo


"Tammy, THANK YOU!  I was missing something when I first contacted you in regards to what "coaching" was. If you recall our first session, I couldn't even pin point a specific starting point. (I was in tough shape.)

In the short few months you have been coaching me, I have seen the beginning of a realignment of my environment (Universe, if you will). I sincerely believe these changes come from a new perspective that you have been able to help me visualize and realize.

I know the roads to where I'm heading may have detours or even road blocks and unmarked "forks" but I'm confident that with your continued coaching and the box of "tools" you have already given me, that I WILL end up where I belong, when I belong there.

So thank you for giving me the opportunity to improve myself and for showing me some simple tools to help me become the best me I can be."
                ~ Rick Poirier (The MAXGASSER guy)

P.S.  If in the future you have any potential clients that may be "on the fence," I would be more than happy to share a couple specific stories of what and how some things have changed positively for me since you have starting coaching me on this journey.

"A HUGE thank you to Tammy Eldredge, a business Goddess, for sharing her wisdom, time, and talents with me! Not only did she talk me through the beginning steps of setting up my private practice, she sent an email with a WEALTH of information, links to videos, and an offer to reach out with questions as they arise. Hermès Trismegistus has clearly been listening because he saw fit to bring us together! If you need coaching for your business, I highly recommend reaching out to Tammy!"

~ Kirsti Kreutzer


"I am so grateful to the Universe for partnering me with the amazing Tammy! I am very grateful to Tammy for her guidance, gentleness, and assistance in helping me create greater peace and joy! She helps me to increase my allowing state, become more aware, as well as release my lower level emotions of fear and doubt. She has an uncanny sense for how to lovingly hold me accountable, as she fluidly helps me to remember and connect information previously shared. My gratitude is overflowing for a coach who helps me 'have it all' through increasing my ability to allow through the cycle of giving and receiving. Thank you Tammy!!!"

~ Beth Myers

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